Mr. and Mrs. Fortuna started organizing trips for friends and students. This was the beginning of their professional career in tourism. That year they took over the company Fortuna & Fortuna, which was established by Ivan's parents and which was in the status quo due to the war in Croatia, and they have been building it ever since.


At that time Fortuna Travel was organizing packages for Croatian tourists to European countries. Our company was known for short affordable packages to Vienna and Venice with the goal of visiting different art exhibitions.


During our trips to Europe they met with Mrs. Ilicali, the owner of Pegasus Incoming, the welcoming agencies who were our partner for the Vienna destination at that time, and then they came up with the idea of starting the incoming business to Croatia and Slovenia. Pegasus Incoming was a well-established European DMC with offices in Vienna, Budapest and Prague, and they set up a joint venture with them. Fortuna Travel became a member of the Thomas Cook Network the same year and it was also the year they started a very challenging mission to promote Croatia which had an image of an unsafe tourist destination since the war had just recently ended in 1995.Mr. and Mrs. Fortuna started the business with the Israeli and Italian markets the same year.


They have changed the name from Fortuna & Fortuna to Fortuna Travel. They made a huge success in organizing a tour of Ancient Greece. They sent over 15,000 passengers from Croatia to Greece. At that time our company was known as a specialist for cultural coach tours in Europe.


They conducted a successful but turbulent business with the Israeli market since it was very difficult to plan anything due to the turbulent political situation in Israel.


They brought the first charter from Israel to Opatija. They established cooperation with the French market. Our company signed a contract with Kuoni France which started promoting Croatia and which was the first company on the French market to do so after the war.


Fortuna did successful marketing among the French tour operators such as Kuoni, Nouvelles Frontieres which provided many passengers to Croatia and Slovenia.


In this year Fortuna introduced its services to Kuoni DMC Switzerland and started strategic cooperation and promotion on the Asian market, primarily the Japanese market.


Fortuna Travel added the American market with respectable tour operators Insight and Trafalgar.


The first Japanese groups started coming to Croatia and Slovenia. This year They added all the countries of former Yugoslavia as our destinations and products.


Fortuna celebrated its 10th anniversary.


This year was one of the most successful years for Fortuna Travel. The Aussie market was added. Fortuna Travel became Virtuoso On-Site for Croatia.


Fortuna and Kuoni Switzerland decided to terminate the business relationship. Fortuna started with its own promotion and sales activities in Japan to add other Asian countries as well.


This year the Spanish market was added. A new operating system developed by Fortuna and a Croatian IT company was implemented.


A sales representative office was founded in Osaka, Japan. The Fortuna Sports Brand has been launched at the WTM London. In the year of the crisis, Fortuna had many incentives from Spain.


A branch office has been established and registered in Osaka.


The sales office from Osaka was moved to Tokyo. Fortuna started promotion on the Korean Market. A deluxe coach has been bought exclusively for the Japanese market.


Strong growth on the Japanese market was recorded. Ivan and Claudia approached the South American countries of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico.


The Korean market was a huge success for Fortuna. Fortuna started promotion on the Chinese market. Fortuna is the leading DMC in South-Eastern and Central Europe.


Ivan Fortuna and Claudia Fortuna have established new companies in Hong Kong and London. Those companies are client-oriented and have a relationship with our Asian clients. The network of European destinations has increased and now the company is covering all European destinations.


The business and sales representative offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China have been set up. It is the 20th anniversary of Fortuna Travel!


New sales representative offices are founded on the markets of Singapore and Malaysia. The first approach to markets of Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines has been made. A sales representative office in Chengdu is established.


Indonesia and Vietnam are the newly-added markets.


A milestone decision has been made; a new operation office in Jakarta is being established.


Fortuna has started sales activities on the Taiwanese and Indian markets. Another attempt has been made to add the Americas’ markets. Canada and Mexico’s sales reps are active and promoting European destinations.